Airless Paint Sprayer vs HVLP – Differences You Need to Know

There are many essential things that we don’t notice when we buy a paint sprayer. But buying the best paint sprayer, we must first know all these things

There are many differences between the great print sprayer, which you need to know, and you need to buy a paint sprayer that is suitable for you or not. The two most common paint sprayers are Airless Paint Sprayer and HVLP Paint Sprayer. There are many buyers who get confused when buying a sprayer, thinking which will be suitable for them.

There is no need to worry; in this article, we will highlight the main differences between airless paint sprayer vs HVLP paint sprayer, which will help you understand the difference. And it will help you know which one will be perfect for you.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer

When you go to work on a large project or look for a paint sprayer for professional purpose work, it should be such that all the advanced technology is in it.

In this case, the perfect choice is an Airless Paint Sprayer. It has all the necessary tools and advanced features, including a sprayer, advanced level air compressor to work on large projects. This sprayer is not very effective for small projects.

Cons Sides

The biggest issue with Airless Paint Sprayer is its price. Since you will go for the airless sprayer to work on a large project, its price is much higher than a regular sprayer.

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer under 100 dollars, then HVLP is perfect for you. The price of each of the parts and tools of the airless paint sprayer is relatively high. It also has a lot more pressure and other features than other sprayers.

Also, the size of airless paint sprayers depends a lot on its features. Large sprayers such as compressor, sprayer pressure then have many more features that are relatively powerful.

HVLP Paint Sprayer

hvlp paint sprayer

In the field of personal work, when you are looking a paint sprayer that will come in usable for painting your home with a small painting work area like stairs, walls, furniture, etc., and you can work on your work purpose than HVLP paint sprayer is the perfect choice for you.

If you are doing small paintings all the time, then this type of paint sprayer may be the perfect choice for you. Here you can easily find all kinds of features that are needed for small projects. However, note that it is not ideal for advanced level or large painting projects.

Cons Side

One of the most common cons sides of the HVLP sprayer is its capacity, which is not enough in many HVLP sprayers. That’s why you have to load the paint repeatedly. Also, its pressure is much lower than other sprayers.

If you want to get a quick painting result, then hvlp may not be the best choice for you. However, in terms of budgets, the perfect choice for a personal and small project.

The Difference Between Airless Paint Sprayer vs HVLP

After the basic definition of HVLP vs Airless, we will now know the difference between the main part. So, let’s see.


In terms of performance, the HVLP paint sprayer delays behind the airless. HVLP pressure is a bit lower, also more advanced features including PSI if we compare then hvlp is far behind than airless. But, the hvlp sprayers noise are not so loud.

On the other side, Airless Paint Sprayer is very advanced in terms of performance and painting pressure. Also perfect in the field of quick and smooth finishing. There are also many advanced features in the field of large job quick finishing. Even in terms of price, airless paint sprayers are much higher price. And their noise is much higher than hvlp.


It is very important to carry the paint sprayer to any place in many jobs. In this case, the HVLP sprayer is much compact in size, so it is easy to take it anywhere, and it is much easier to move from one side to the other during painting. It does not create an issue in painting purpose.

The airless paint sprayer is far behind, and the airless paint sprayer is very difficult to move from one place to another. However, not all airless sprayers are the same in terms of size. And there are many sprayers which are compact in size and easy to move from one place to another like hvlp.

Material Thickness

One of the most important aspects of using airless paint sprayers is that the paint must be need thin. Otherwise, the color will come out straight away.

In the case of HVLP, it will require thinner paints like enamel latex.


There are many homeowners who do not know much about painting. But if you want to paint yourself using a sprayer, hvlp paint sprayers are a perfect choice. Its usability is very easy, which can help beginners. hvlp paint plays a very effective role in the field of ideal finishing.

Also, all kinds of paints in your interior like furniture, cabinet, kitchen, stairs, walls, etc. You can easily paint everything through an HVLP sprayer.

On the other side, the airless paint sprayers cannot use without advanced level painters because their pressure is much higher, which you have to know to control. It also has many advanced features that make programming challenging for a new user.


The biggest weakness of HVLP paint is its capacity. Usually, it is used for small painting purposes, so its capacity is much less than other painting sprayers. It requires repeated loading later. However, some hvlp sprayers are connected directly from the paint bucket; that’s why, in some cases, the capacity is not a problem.

Airless Paint Sprayer is completely different in this case because it can be connected directly through the air compressor with a direct paint bucket, so having the opportunity to connect directly to the bucket, the airless sprayer is much hassle-free with capacity.

Final Verdict

Although Airless Paint Sprayers and HVLP are two different types of sprayers used for different purposes depending on the work, as we mentioned earlier, airless sprayers are perfect for large external painting work.

Similarly, HVLP is perfect for any infernal or small work field, and there are many more differences that we have tried to highlight in this article. Hopefully, that has helped you easily understand the difference. However, no matter which painting you use for that purpose, you must try to complete the painting with a safety shield.

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