Expert’s Guide To The Pros and Cons of Top 7 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers

A paint sprayer is an essential tool in the field of home improvement or professional painting work purpose. You can see many types of paint sprayer in usage painting works, but if you are looking a sprayer for lightweight features and easy to handle, we will recommend using the best handheld paint sprayers.

You can easily take it with you anywhere, also in the best handheld sprayer, you will get faster and smoother result all the time, so it is much better than painting brush and paint rollers.

The handheld sprayer is perfect in the field of the DIY painting project. With these sprayers, you can efficiently work on the small to medium project in a very fast time.

Why choose a handheld paint sprayer?

There are many reasons to choose handheld sprayers; it can be easily customized, which will make you feel very comfortable in the field of painting. As it is portable, you can easily store it and move it anywhere.

The price of handheld from other paint sprayers is a lot within the budget, so you can easily buy the best paint sprayer within your budget. It also gives fast results five to eight times from paint roller and paints brush.

Anyone at the beginning level can do smooth painting as it is very easy to use. It takes less effort than other sprayers, which saves you time and energy.

The most annoying task at the end of any painting project is cleaning the painting tool and sprayers, but handheld sprayers are relatively easy to clean. Due to these features, many painters are looking best handheld sprayers for large projects.

How To Use a Handheld Paint Sprayer? Complete Guideline

The 7 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers Review with Complete Buyer Guidelines

In this article, our experts have reviewed the seven best handheld sprayers and highlight the features, advantages and disadvantages of each sprayer. which will help you a lot to find a sprayer that suits you.

We have also shared a complete guide that will help you a lot in checking buying features. Also, we answered some common questions, so let’s see.

1. HomeRight C800766 – Best Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money

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The HomeRight C800766 is our first pick for in this article. It has many features that will easily attract any buyer. This sprayer uses the brass spray tip technology, which provides high-quality spray pattern and superior painting performance.

Having adjustable settings makes it much easier to complete your project. You can make spray settings as you like, horizontal, round and vertical according to your needs. Also, very easy to use, which gives your surface smooth finishing without brush marks.

With the knob of The HomeRight Electronic Paint Sprayer, you can easily control metal flow. You can also increase and decrease the metal output as needed. It is also very easy to setup, which allows you to use a wide variety of materials with the sprayer, such as milk paint, clear sealer, chalk type paint, latex paint etc.

It is also easy to clean as it is a water base sprayer. And with it, you get a two years warranty, which allows you to use it with a lot of confidence. HomeRight is one of the best handheld airless paint sprayer for cabinet, furniture, trim and many more.

  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Easy to Spray and Clean.
  • You can use a wide variety of materials.
  • Brass Spray Tip Technology.
  • Substantial Handle
  • Two years warranty.
  • Maybe not great for beginner’s

2. Graco Magnum 257025 – Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer Review

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The Graco Magnum Project Painter is powerful paint sprayer with easy controlling systems. One of the best aspects of it is that it does not have to fill any paint bucket with paint. You can spray paint by direct 1 to 5 gallons of paint bucket with suction tube connection.

It can easily control paint flow and being fully adjustable, and you can ultimately control the pressure for any type of project. The stainless steel piston pump in it helps to spray paint at high speed; also its paint sprayer machine is 3/8 HP which is about 10X faster than a paint brush and 4X faster than the paint roller.

The Graco paint sprayer is easy and fast to clean, which is one of the best features. You can easily connect the garden hose and clean it. It is also very portable in size so you can easily take it to any painting project and you can easily store it anywhere.

  • Easily control paint flow.
  • Easily spray directly from the paint bucket.
  • Great for any type of projects.
  • Fast and Easiest Cleaning.
  • Noisy Sound

3. NEIKO 31207A – Mini HVLP Air Paint Spray Gun Review

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You already know about the benefits of HVLP paint sprayer, which reduces overspray and saves your paint materials. The NEIKO 31207A Mini HVLP Air Paint Sprayer is a great gun that does high atomization every single time with low nozzle air pressure.

The NEIKO HVLP Paint Spray Gun is adjustable so you can easily adjust the air volume according to your project. You can also do an ellipse pattern, the volume of material adjustment as you like.

If you want to get a perfect result for a small project, then small handheld paint sprayers are a perfect choice. In this case, Neiko’s stainless steel handheld spray gun may be the ideal choice for you. Its air pressure is 50 PSI and consumption is 8.8 CFM and holds up to 125 CC to work on a wide range small painting project.

  • Great gun for DIY projects
  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable Settings.
  • Wide range use.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Not great for latex.
  • Need to improve the pressure regulator.

4. Campbell Hausfeld – HVLP Paint Spray Gun Review

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The Campbell Hausfeld is our another HVLP spray gun pick, and it is excellent for any small project like our previous hvlp pick. It has a high-quality design which is very durable.

Its paint hold capacity is 20 ounces, require 4.0 SCFM at 40 PSI. You can easily get as many kits as you need for your general purpose painting. So, you can buy sprayer with a kit if you want.

You can also easily set up the adjustable air flow and fluid spray pattern according to your project. Also, it is much easier to clean like other sprayers we have reviewed.

One of the best features of The Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Spray Gun is that you don’t have to buy any premium air compressor, it has the fastest 40 PSI speed which will help you to finish your painting project fast and smooth.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to cleaning.
  • Many-sided
  • The carrying case needs to improve.

5. Critter Spray – Best Siphon Spray Gun Review


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Like all modern spray guns, another different but best spray gun is the Critter Spray Gun, which is a lot simpler design than other sprayers. But in terms of performance, it has a lot like other sprayers, and it is the most comfortable spray gun in the markets.

The Critter Handheld Sprayer Gun comes with a glass mason jar and metal spray gun, which you can easily fit. It fits standard 16 ounces mason jar. Also, its jar is very durable, so there is no chance of anything happening easily.

It allows you to paint interior and exterior smoothly in any project without any hassles, but according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this sprayer is the perfect choice for a small and medium project.

You will also need to purchase a minimum of 3/4 hp compressor separately for critter spray. Its price is very reasonable according to its performance and features; it is also very easy to clean.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy to use features
  • Super easy to clean
  • The removable jar allows to supply element in another jar.
  • Variety materials can spray
  • It does not have so many options, according to HVLP.
  • May be a not strong gun for heavy paints.

6. Graco Handheld Paint Sprayer Reviews

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Graco is one of the best handheld sprayer brands in the markets. Graco 17A466 has VacuValve technology that allows you to easily spray at any angle, even up and down side. It is perfect for any project, due to which two adjustable speed settings have used in it.

It has a low speed for small and details project and high speed to complete larger project faster. You also get maximum control over it compared to other sprayers, which gives you the fastest and smoothest finishing.

It allows you to spray horizontally and vertically easily. It is a ready handheld sprayer, which does not cause any hassle; you can easily get the sprayer prepared in a few seconds. Its cup capacity is 32 oz.

It is our list of professional handheld sprayers. It can use a wide variety of paint materials. Also, its high-pressure piston systems have made it great.

As it is very light weight, you can easily do a lot of work a long time holding it in your hands. And since it is compact size, you can easily take it anywhere and store it. Graco 17A466 is the best handheld paint sprayer for walls, cabinet, furniture, exterior any surface and small and large projects.

  • High-pressure stainless steel piston
  • Maximum Control
  • VacuValve Technology
  • Adjustable Pattern
  • Reverse a clean spray tip
  • Need to improve leaks issue.

7. Astro Pneumatic Tool Spray Gun With Cup

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If you are a beginner, if you have no idea about painting, then the astro pneumatic tool 4008 spray gun is the perfect choice for you. It includes comprehensive instructions book which helps in understanding its usage easily.

The astro pneumatic tool 4008 spray gun is fully adjustable so you can customize the materials as you like. One of the best parts of it is that its cup can hold enough paint material which is perfect for a large project.

The astro 4008 spray gun allows you to operate with three horsepower compressors, use the pressure 50 to 60 PSI, which can cover any painting very quickly. It also provides a 1.8mm nozzle minimum over spray which reduces wastage.

Almost any project the astro 4008 spray gun is perfect hvlp sprayer. Which gives you the fastest smooth finishing, you can also smoothly paint wood working, industrial and marine, cabinet shop, production and many more.

It also has perfect size and weight, so there is no problem in painting. The most annoying thing at the end of any painting project is the steps to clean the sprayer parts. But it is completely different in the field of astro paint sprayer; you can easily clean without any hassles.

The bold design of the astro sprayer, adjustable fan width, anti spill features and one quart durable aluminum paint cup features and many more features have attracted us a lot. It also comes with a one year warranty which definitely helps to tension-free use it.

  • Anti spill features
  • Include instructions book
  • Adjustable fan width
  • One year Warranty
  • Its small trigger maybe tough on fingers.

How to choose the best portable paint sprayer?

At present, you can see many types of handheld sprayers in the market. But if you want to find the best sprayer, you need to keep in mind some more things, which will help you to find the sprayer that is suitable for you. Before buying a sprayer, try to take care of some of the following things in mind.

Types of Handheld Sprayer Machine

When you are looking for the best handheld sprayer, you must first see exactly what type of paint sprayer you are looking. Because in the market you can see the many types of sprayers.

At present, there are three types of sprayers in the market, which are used in different projects. Let’s see these three types of sprayers.

Standard Sprayer

The standard sprayer is a lot of budgets friendly, and their features are the most useful, like other sprayers. However, they do not have an air compressor.

So, if you already have an air compressor, then if you buy a standard handheld sprayer, you will save a lot of money, and if you do not have a good pressure to buy the best air compressor at the low price.

HVLP Sprayer

HVLP is very popular and most used paint sprayer in the markets, because of some of the best features, including fast and smooth finishing. HVLP paint sprayer does not require any powerful motors and compressors because hvlp paint uses low pressure to spray high volume painting.

Also, hvlp sprayers have much faster and more accurate finishing than rollers and brushes. However, hvlp sprayers cost a bit more than standard sprayers and use more paint for smooth finishing.

Airless Sprayer

Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer usually has a lot of high quality and higher features. That is, everything you need for painting is in an airless sprayer. It comes with a high-pressure compressor, high quality motor.

So, you don’t have to worry about buying anything separately. Just fill in the paint and start spraying.

These types of sprayers are used for professional purposes. So that large projects can quickly finish in less time.

Adjustable Pressure

Try to take a look at the adjustable pressure features of your sprayer, and it will give you a lot of conveniences to customize the pressure and paint.

Compact Size and Portability

Another important aspect of choosing a handheld sprayer is the size and portability of the sprayer. However, in the general field, the handheld sprayer is much smaller in size.

But there are many sprayers that are not portable. Due to which it is very difficult to move from one place to another. In this case, the size of the sprayer as well as the portability, should be considered.

Weight and Grip

If your handheld sprayer is overweight, it will be much harder to carry, and it will be harder to work overtime. So, try to keep in mind that the machine is not more than the weight.

Also, a lot of comfortable grips and padded will give you a lot of comforts and will help to hold perfectly.

Container Size

Usually, handheld sprayers have a much smaller container size. However, try to buy a container of the size that you are as comfortable as possible. Because if you buy a smaller size container, it will take you a long time to fill it again and again, that’s why your work will be much slower.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Best Handheld Paint Sprayer?

Ans:The paint sprayer that is easy to use, and has no hassles, also has a quick and smooth finishing of the painting result and is also the best handheld paint sprayer in terms of price.

If you want to know which paint sprayer is the best in my opinion, then I will say that our top pick HomeRight seems to be the best in all respects.

Q: Is handheld paint sprayer suitable for painting walls?

Ans: You know handheld paint is the fastest sprayer for any small surfaces, it is not the quickest option for wall painting. However, you can complete your wall painting project smoothly.

If you personally choose the handheld sprayer option for home wall painting or others surface, then I would say it is a best home paint sprayer option.

But if you want to use it in the field of professional work, then it is not a great option at all. Try to use professional paint sprayers.

Q: Can I Use My Electronic Painter as a Handheld Water Sprayer?

Ans: There are many sprayer machines in which you can use many types of materials. In between, water, detergent etc. can also be used. However, you can see the instructions book if your sprayer is suitable for water spray than spray with it

Q: Can Anyone Use a Handheld Sprayer?

Ans: The short answer is “Yes.” Handheld Sprayer is perfect for everyone from beginner to advanced level, and you can easily paint accordingly after reading the user manual. If you are a newbie, then buy sprayers that are perfect for anyone of a beginning to advance level.

Q: Is battery powered cordless paint sprayer worth it?

Ans: Personally, I would not suggest you a battery powered cordless paint sprayer because it does not have as much energy as it needs to complete a project.

You will hassle of repeated sprayer charging. Also, the battery does not last long time. So, you may have to spend extra to buy a new battery.

Q: Is it better roll or spray paint?

Ans: If you want to get the fastest spraying and smooth result, then spray paint is the best. And if you’re going to do interior painting in more details, then roll painting is the best choice.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have tried to show you the features of each product in full details. And each of the products we have listed has different features, because you can find perfect sprayer for you.

If you want to buy the perfect paint sprayer from all angles, then Graco 17A466 is the best options, and if you are looking for the ideal sprayer in terms of budget and small project features, then HomeRight is the perfect choice for you.

Be sure to read the Buyer Guides carefully before purchasing a sprayer, and try to find the best sprayer for the type of project you are looking for


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