Top 7 Best Sprayer for Stain Reviews & Buying Guide In 2021

Searching a handy & quality stain sprayer is not a joyous job, especially if you are little aware of its technical specifications. Again understanding every part of a sprayer is also a difficult task. Don’t worry. We are here to help you find a pleasing decision to pick a fantastic best sprayer for stain. So, cool now!

Who likes stains on his/her favorite objects, either deck or fence? The answer is no one. A perfect electronic sprayer produces & delivers a steady stream of spray materials in proper droplet sizes at standard pressure. It’s the most critical issue when you desire the best stain sprayer.

Out of many reputed sprayer manufacturers, we pick seven best HVLP & airless sprayers for stain. After comparative research, we try to come to a final verdict that eases you to make a decision.

1.Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

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When you think about investing for the best paint sprayer for stain & looking for a trusted manufacturer, Minneapolis based half-century-old, Wagner SprayTech certainly is a fantastic choice.

As an excellent HVLP sprayer, Wagner 0518050 is the perfect combination of both standard compressor & spray gun. Compressor supplies the high volume of air & spray gun minimizes the pressure in a super controlled way.

There are many definitive reasons to prefer this Wagner double duty paint sprayer.

Firstly,This  Wagner stain sprayer is handy  due to its defined pattern & PSI specifications. And, its pressure feed atomizes excellently on every particular application, whether it is a base coat or metallics.

This lucrative HVLP sprayer saves massive wasting, over-spraying & reduced transfer rate as it ensures 75 % transfer efficiency.

Secondly,another  most mention able physical design of its two different types of fluid cup system & needle.The 1.5 qt. Plastic cup & 1 qt.metal cup & the two kinds of needle help spray thick & thinner fluids effectively . Whereas 1.4 mm sizes needle for thicker pains & 1.8mm for thinner paints.

Overcoming the limitations of all available best airless sprayer for stain due to fast flash & lesser pattern option, Wagner HVLP control max player possesses 1/2″ to 12″ wider customization patterns. It exclusively helps control spraying amazingly, whether horizontally, vertically, or any center focused object as wood furniture, house painting as a home improvement tool, or deck/fence & many others.

And last but not least the powerful two-stage turbine works fluid passing nicely to reach the target application accordingly.

Our little concern is that this sprayer sprays slowly,on the other hand,it is the best alternative for smooth finishing.


  • Weight:11.18 Lbs/5.07 Kg
  • Control spray max size
  • 1 Metal cup + 1 Plastic cup + 1 Viscosity cup
  • 20 Ft Hose
  • 1 User manual
  • Voltage:110
  • Very speedy spraying with fine finishing
  • Great maneuverable
  • Lengthy Hose allows for much particular application easily.
  • Light weighty
  • One year warranty
  • This sprayer works slowly.

2.Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

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Graco is the pioneer of the best airless paint sprayer in history for an epic center long..

Graco’s multiple classy designs of paint sprayer, this Magnum X5 model, is one the best selling & most positively reviewed best sprayer for stain.

Firstly, the sprayer pattern & air cap are very much customization according to your preferred requirements.

Secondly, we like its faster spraying capabilities with its high strength piston pump effectively.

Are you a little hesitant about airless sprayer? Some may answer that it wastes or is prone to over spraying. Whether you are looking for the best sprayer for deck stain or the best sprayer for staining a fence or other significant home application, you need to grab a highly capable sprayer.

Here direct fluid or desired paint transfers much from a bucket (nearly 5 gallons) through a convenient suction tube. It saves a great way of frequent changing of smaller cans & fluid behind.

Moreover, it has superb control & less over spraying with its multiple ranges of coatings.

The most exciting feature of this Magnum X5 model is its 75 Ft. lengthy Hose. It allows a very effortless way to spray your favorite deck, fence, or backyard outdoor application.

Lastly, Graco X5 is the latest technology-based innovative sprayer because of its non-stop spraying. It has more than the average tip. In case the main Rac IV switch clogged suddenly, additional tip allows an alternative way of spraying.


  • Weight:13Lbs/5.90 Kg
  • Motor:1/2 HP Universal
  • Maximum Tip Size:0.015″
  • Metal spray gun
  • Heavy-duty paint sprayer
  • Sturdy & durable
  • The great simple manual provided
  • The sprayer is best for priming or any general purposes
  • The spray pattern is easily customizable.
  • Price is great.
  • It needs extra time to assemble & clean up

3.Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

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As a super time saver & most exceptional finisher, Graco Magnum 262805 X7 model airless paint sprayer is remarkably a more fabulous model than available HVLP & traditional sprayer.

Firstly, we would like to introduce its larger tip sizes (0.017), allowing spraying heavier coatings from stains to heavy latex.

Secondly, this sprayer has a convenient super adjustable defined pressure. It lets controlled paint flow spraying depending on target objects.

Next, it has a direct spraying advantage. Any thick or thinner fluid easily transfers from one to five gallons of paint bucket by its high strength suction tube.

Then, we appreciate its SG2 metal spray gun that is a built-in swivel. It allows less effort to spray the different sides of the angle.

Besides these, the heavy-duty power flush adaptor quickly cleans it at the moment. You just need to connect the garden hose with the inlet tube.

And almost exclusively, the RAC of 515 switch tip with 25 Ft. The dura-Flex hose works perfectly with pump armor storage. It excellently performs as the best paint sprayer for stain in multiple property application-small houses, deck, fences, or wood furniture & commercial purposes.

Last but not least, this Graco X7 model allows spraying from 100 Ft. of hose length. It ultimately offers more additional room for the professional sprayer or weekend warrior to furnish a memorable finish.


  • Weight:26 Lbs/11.79 kg
  • SG2 Metal spray gun
  • Power flash adaptor
  • 25 Ft. Dura flex Paint Hose
  • Manual
  • Excellently faster for property & contractor jobs.
  • Straightforward & clear instructions
  • Super 515 size spray pattern
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Cleaning is super easy
  • Excellent customer rating.
  • No replaceable pump
  • 125 gallon maximum annually recommended use.

4.Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM

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Hey, don’t be confused! With the mission of “versatile, innovative & trusted,” Fuji Spray® is a Canadian award-winning sprayer manufacturer that comes to solve your all staining or re-staining solution.

Whether you are professional, enthusiasts, or weekend warrior, hunting about the best sprayer for stain, this HVLP Fuji sprayer is a must considerable choice.

Firstly, the T70 spray gun is a non-bleeder, a demanding model. It permits airflow only when the trigger is applied.

Secondly, it has an adjustable side pattern control knob that indicates you don’t need any struggle to adjust the required fan pattern.

Thirdly, it is the innovative mechanism of the Mini-Mite Platinum-3 series by Fuji Spray. It allows three stages of the turbine with maximum pressure by a minimum of 6.5 psi. Moreover, the heat dissipation chamber here is excellent for extending battery life.

Furthermore, the MM3 Platinum turbine uses six psi coatings. It is magnificent than available traditional & water-based coating.

That’s the mystery of Fuji Sprayer. And it is different from other available slower HVLP paint sprayers for its noise reduction design. Besides this, it also prevents all surrounding dust.

Finally, Fuji 2903 T70 sprayer credited the headline of a woodworking magazine as the perfect best stain sprayer.


  • Mini-Mite 3 Platinum Turbine
  • Weight:28.1 Lbs/12.75 Kg
  • 1 QT cup
  • 25 Ft. hose
  • Air control valve
  • Nicely works at any temperature.
  • Stylish, rugged design
  • Widely used by professionals & DIY enthusiasts.
  • Best for latex-based paints & woodworking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Superb customer rating.
  • Amazingly worth the money.
  • It needs to spray as metal coupling becomes hot carefully.

5.Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

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As a high tech engineered & dedicated sprayer manufacturer, Earlex is a subsidiary operating body of reputed Wagner Spray Tech.

The HV5500 series by Earlex is a perfect best paint sprayer & one is for many spraying purposes due to its awesome functionalities.

Firstly, if we notice its metal spray gun, we’ll certainly understand the difference of stainless steel tip (2.0 mm) & needle that are unique than other brands in the store.

Again, come to its “Push N Click” system with three pattern adjusters. It allows simple spraying according to your preference-horizontal, vertical & round object type.

Secondly, this HVLP sprayer comes with two stages based 650-watt turbines. It excellently transfers a superior finish with a flow control adjuster unit.

Thus, this Earlex sprayer model is massively useful for a wide area of target applications. All types of oil & water-based fluid finishing are smooth now with this best sprayer for stain. It exclusively performs as the best sprayer for cabinets & all wood furniture seriously.

Then, if we can glance at its design components, we find many lucrative convenient features in it. The 13 Ft. coater rubber hose (not average PVC!), 5.5 Ft. cord & high strength carrying handles are very portable to use indoors/outdoors.

Furthermore, the angled pick up tube allows straightforward spraying from the overhead or downward position.It incredibly fantastic as the best sprayer for deck stain.

Lastly, this innovative Earlex best sprayer pump is equally capable of small to a larger type of projects, including stains, varnishes, thinned latex, oils, lacquers, sealers, and glazes enamels. It is highly recommended as the best sprayer for polyurethane also.

Finally, it is high time to stop hunting the best paint sprayer for decks or best sprayer for staining a fence or wood furniture separately. Earlex HV5500 is an epic paint sprayer.


  • Non-bleed metal gun
  • 650 wt. Turbine
  • 13 Ft. coater rubber hose
  • 1 quart Teflon (qt) container
  • Weight:12.17 Lbs/5.52 kg
  • 5 Ft. electric cord
  • Great clean up system
  • Excellent for using water & oil-based enamels (Sherwin Williams’s pro classic & Benjamin Moore Advance).
  • Full mouth container allows faster fluid loading & spraying.
  • Allows excellent atomization
  • Available replaceable parts
  • The powerful two stages turbine is equal to the typical five stages turbine.
  • Very convenient to carry
  • Outstanding customer service
  • The hose is a little bit of stiff
  • Cord & footprint is smaller

6.Graco 17G180 Magnum Pro 19 Cart Paint Sprayer

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If you are seriously considering picking a large configured best sprayer for stain with 500 gallons per annum recommended use and 150Ft. Paint hose, Magnum ProX19 cart comes to meet all advantages.

Firstly, the SG3 airless spray gun excellently works with a piston-driven system. It allows quicker spraying with its controlled flow unit.

Secondly, two types of anti-clogging & pump filtration systems are exclusively unique than other available best airless paint sprayers.

Because the RAC IV switch tip allows reversing to paint flow when sudden unwanted clogging arises and the instant clean pump filter is outstanding to remove any paint debris.

Then, if we notice its larger tip size (0.019), we certainly are amazed. It lets 0.38Gallon fluid flow per minute. It is a very cool feature to spray medium to the more extensive home exterior as the best sprayer for latex paint or indoor best sprayer for cabinets.

Another fascinating safety feature is its replaceable pump. If you can’t get the required performance, replace & return your job without any time-wasting.

Furthermore, the power flush instantly cleans up the spraying station without any system disturbance.

Again, as earlier mentioned, this is truly the best stain sprayer that has huge advantages. The significant configuration (500 Gallon fluid per year & 150 Ft. hose) helps for painting newly purchased houses, re-staining the house interior /exterior or any metal body greatly.


  • RAC IV tip guard
  • Weight:42 Lbs/
  • Dura-Flex hose
  • 150 Ft. Paint Hose
  • Electric cord
  • 110 Volt
  • Over spraying controlled
  • Pump is replaceable
  • Great user manual
  • Already assembled. Just connect hose & gun
  • Very helpful for professionals & DIY enthusiasts.
  • Amazing return policy
  • This one is expensive

 7.HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray

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HOMERIGHT® is an amazing subsidiary one stop solution of Wagner Spray Tech for all kinds of painting & decorating projects.

When the confusion arises about the best sprayer for stain performances as a DIY challenge, this HomeRight Power Flo Pro sprayer model comes as an excellent solution for homeowners & saving a lot of dollars.

Firstly, it works with 2800 psi air pressure that allows for larger application & laying on the paint-quickly, smoothly or evenly.

Secondly, it is well engineered. The slim chrome plated gun & 515 reversible spray tip allows unthinned latex & oil based paints, sealer, stains very perfectly. This exclusive reversible system is great when to remove any unwanted clog.

Then, its defined pressure control adjuster amazingly helps to control paint flow & its responses as exactly as spray pattern.

Besides these, the 25 Ft. an airless spray hose is helpful to cover the deck, home exterior, sheds, and garage or fence excellently.

Furthermore, we certainly appreciate its outer design & maneuverability. The top carrying handle offers portable movement.

And, direct hassle free spraying is very simple for transferring a 1 to 5 gallon can of paint through a simple suction tube. It makes the spraying station unparalleled.

Last but not least, HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 simultaneously works professionally & any unexpert hand. It is a great family collection as the best paint sprayer with a very reasonable price.


  • Spray gun
  • 515 Reversible spray tip
  • Weight:15 Lbs/
  • Connecting cord
  • ½ HP Motor
  • Max tip size:0.15
  • Very light weight
  • Simple to use
  • Faster spraying
  • Heavy for re-staining deck & home exterior
  • Clean up is fairly easy
  • Great price
  • Two years of warranty
  • The electric cord is a bit short.

The buying guide of paint sprayer that you may miss out

Which formula do you typically follow while you are making a shortlist? Is it time or cost? We may not agree with you in those conditions when picking the best sprayer for stain rather quality & trust.

We want to request a quick scan to our short guide about stain sprayer, and its related components in a non-techie way.

This definitive guide will undoubtedly enrich you for finding a pleasant sprayer for home, cabinets, fence, and deck stain sprayer review accordingly. So, cool.

(Our short guide about stain sprayer, its related term, and finally, some essential notes will undoubtedly enrich you for finding a pleasant sprayer as well as  deck stain sprayer review amazingly. So, cool.)

1.Is this perfect type of sprayer?

Which type of sprayer do I need? There are two broad types of paint sprayers

  1. Airless sprayer.
  2. HVLP sprayer

Based on the target application as small, medium, or larger sizes, you need to understand which sprayer will meet your purposes.

Airless Sprayer

With the mission of perfect electrostatic coating (paint, varnish, ink, sealer, glazes, etc.) on a larger property, Airless sprayer is excellent to use. Powered by different motor-electric (mostly), compressed air (pneumatic) or Hydraulic, airless sprayer works very fast with the connected high-pressure pump. This best sprayer pump responds with the nozzle’s tip sizes and sprayer pattern size.

The drawback of this airless sprayer is its less control flow and recommended for experienced hand/professionals.

HVLP Sprayer

The High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer is the upgraded form of a traditional spray gun. Here, the high pressured air mechanism propels the fluid/paint and transfers to the nozzle. But spray gun responses by its own lower pressure technique with the defined spray pattern and maximum tip sizes. Hence, HVLP spray guns are more controlled and friendly for small to medium objects, including furniture, scenic painting, automotive, marine, etc.

The drawback of the HVLP sprayer is the slower speed. But it is more controlled and less over spraying. If you are a weekend warrior and DIY enthusiast for staining home furniture, cabinets,decks,furniture,this HVLP gun is fantastic.

2.   Are the configuration of the parts ok?

Whatever afore-mentioned sprayer types you choose to solve your staining solution including the best paint sprayer for deck stain,house or fence  a thorough, quick knowledge is a must about the configuration of sprayer parts. Typically nozzle, air compressor, paint basin are standard parts of every paint sprayer. The following components should carefully scan before finalizing your best sprayer for stain.

a. Nozzle: There are three types of nozzle available for three different styled spraying-full cone, hollow cone & flat stream. The expected paint consistency and particular spray pattern effectively work with nozzle style.

b. Spray gun: Manually convenient PVC/metal gun successfully stains with less effort. Graco offers two types of metal of gun SG2 & SG3. If you are looking for personal home use, a little bit of older SG2 metal gun is an affordable choice & budget-friendly also. The design of SG3 is more tweak and ergonomic. It is a little bit of comfort for long time furnishing.

c. Hose length and dimension: It needs to reach the spray at an expected distance. So, the hose is an essential component of any spray station. Whether you desire to stain a deck with a pump sprayer or searching the best sprayer for a concrete sealer for your home exterior, hose length and diameter are essential for pleasing and effortless spraying. Graco offers 25 Ft. to 200 Ft.dura-flex hose for different models.

d. Tip size: Tip is responsible for the maximum fluid volume out. Is the tip plastic or brass? The later is most durable than the former.

3. Is it Speedy & a perfect finisher?

DIY enthusiasts, weekend warriors, or any professional handymen or women expect spraying faster as extra time consuming may distract concentration and create stiffness.

An airless sprayer is a speedy and most beautiful finisher. On the contrary, HVLP is less fast.

4. Does it quickly clean-up & anti-splattering?

Both times consuming and imperfect clean-up are annoying and discourage the homeowner or DIY enthusiasts from using sprayers personally.

Besides, splatter is also a common issue messing up the whole place in many average sprayers. So, before picking, it should scrutinize the clean-up system. It may range from using a power flush adaptor to manual cleaning.

5. Is it convenient to use?

There are many important factors to regard whether a sprayer is convenient or not.

a. Weight and design:

Weight is a prime issue. Generally, we see two designed types of sprayers. One is a standing system with a handle, and another is a cart system with wheels. Heavy, weighty handled type sprayer needs much effort to handle. On the other hand, pushing the cart system sprayer is simple to move.

b. Control valve:

Is the control valve simple to use? The control valve is responsible for the inlet & outlet fluid flow control. The simple using control knob is a must to increase & decrease the fluid volume flow.

c. Gun handle:

Comfortable handle with easy gripping positively encourages the staining job nicely. A good consulate ergonomic handle reduces heat allowing the job no disturbance.

6.Is this stain sprayer my budget-friendly?

It should be on the topmost priority because if you have a really tight budget spending a decent amount of money for a stain furnisher, you should compare the competitive brands.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What kind of sprayer do you use for stain?

Ans.Both Airless sprayer and HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer is undoubtedly the best sprayer for stain. Whereas airless sprayer gives better output for latex paints, and HVLP sprayer is excellent for latex paint, oil-based sealers, metallic, etc.

2.What is the best deck stain sprayer review?

Ans.Best stain sprayer for deck may be HVLP or Airless pump system sprayer. For successfully deck stain, some consideration is a must-as proper hose length, fixing spraying pattern and not over spraying.

3.Which is the easiest paint sprayer to use?

Ans. Undoubtedly, airless sprayer offers ease to use with higher output than another sprayer.HVLP sprayer works slowly and requires more concentration.

4.Is an airless paint sprayer better?

Ans. Depending on target objects and skillfully handled, an airless sprayer is certainly better because it works faster, the only drawback of it is less control.

5.What’s the best paint sprayer for stain?

Ans.There are many available paint sprayers in the market. Based on oil-based,flat, or more UV resistant semi-gloss paint, the manufacturer develops sophisticated paint sprayer.

6.What type of paint or stain should I use to coat a fence?

Ans. Undoubtedly, UV resistance durable paint is best to coat a fence.

Consider three types of paint here to use. 

Usually, Oil-based paint gives more lasting & better finish but slower drying. 

On the other hand, Flat paint allows zero reflecting & elite looking. It helps to hide brush strokes & unevenness in the surface area. Due to its less UV resistance, it fades away quickly.

 Lastly, Semi-gloss paint is not a good finisher but more UV resistance & durable than flat paint for fence coating.

Final verdict

Focusing on a perfect and best sprayer for stain needs many essential considerations.

Most of the time, it is better to choose a professional way. Depending on individual purposes and types of target objects, including home, cabinets, automotive, decks, fence, etc., you should consider a versatile stain sprayer.

Both Airless and HVLP sprayers are excellent for latex paints. For the other types of stains, including oil-based, flat, semi-gloss paint, HVLP sprayer is highly recommended as it is much controlled and offers super finish.

However, any DIY enthusiast, homeowner, or professional handyman should carefully scan the sprayer’s configuration & manufacture reputation, as discussed here before adding to the final cart.

 Happy spraying!

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